IP Complaint Punishment Protocol

IP Complaint Punishment Protocol

  • Wednesday, 29th August, 2012
  • 03:47am


1.  KLT.NET receives Abuse complaints about attacks and security (launching attacks, port scanning, contracting, illegal intrusion, etc.):

a) The first time Abuse complained: the machine was immediately suspended, unless evidence of spontaneous behavior could be presented, the user was asked to deal with it immediately according to the requirements of the Abuse party, such as reinstalling the system or cleaning up the trojan horse, and a fine of 20 dollars/time/IP was imposed;

b) The second time I received a complaint from Abuse: the machine was immediately suspended without a refund, and a fine of $20/time/IP was imposed.

2. If you receive an email complaining of infringement (brand, film and television, intellectual copyright), please immediately deal with it according to the requirements of Abu. The following infringing links, works or websites are different, and a fine of 20 dollars/time/IP will be imposed at the same time;

3. KLT.NET  will immediately suspend the server after receiving the complaint email from Spamhaus, an international anti spam organization, or the operator's spam complaint, and ask the user to immediately handle it according to the Abuse party's requirements. For example, if the IP address is not immediately unbound from the complained domain name or stop sending spam, it will be fined $20/time/IP, and the Abuse IP address will not allow it to unseal;

4. KLT.NET  will directly recycle the server and will not refund the fees, and will impose a fine of $20/time/IP after receiving the complaint email about phishing fraud and fraud violations.

5. If the server applying to open the mail port receives a spam complaint, it will be fined 50 dollars/time/IP;

6. If the IP is blocked, popular or high-risk due to the user's own use, our company will not provide IP replacement services.

7. Non KLT NET causes that the IP cannot be used, and the cost of replacing the IP is 5 dollars/time

KLT.NET  will send a warning and forward the Abuse notice through the work order and email. The user is requested to complete the processing and reply to the work order within 6 hours. If the user is notified three times not to process within 24 hours, KLT NET has the right to directly suspend the server without refund. At the same time, if the fine bill is not paid within 24 hours, KLT.NET will shut down the server where the complained IP is located.

If the same server receives the Abuse email three times, KLT.NET has the right to directly recycle the server and does not refund the fee.

We hope that all agents and users will understand and support us and inform the end users of our system.

KLT.NET reserves the right to change the Notice of Punishment on Abuse of IP Complaints by Abuse of Abuse at any time. When KLT.NET changes, it will also be on the date of signature and update. KLT. NET recommends that users check this page frequently to keep abreast of the latest regulations. You know and agree that it is your responsibility to regularly check the latest punishment notice.


Updated June 7, 2022

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