Los Angeles Machine Room Maintenance Notice

Los Angeles Machine Room Maintenance Notice

  • Thursday, 3rd October, 2013
  • 03:53am

Current status: Planned

Maintenance location: Los Angeles machine room

Los Angeles maintenance time: 10:00, March 18, 20 - 14:00, March 2013, 13

Urgency: routine maintenance

Maintenance source: internal cutover

Maintenance type: link cutover

Expected impact: We plan to cut over and maintain the return lines in the Los Angeles computer room.

During maintenance, there will be jitter and packet loss, but the risk of interruption for 5 minutes is not ruled out.

After maintenance, your server will be changed to CN2-GIA network, and the bandwidth will be reduced to 30Mbps. If you need to restore 100Mbps bandwidth, please contact the sales department for processing.

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