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On October 10, 2012, KLT officially went online to provide services. Now, it has been ten years since the establishment of a single VPS business in that year. Since then, it has covered four continents, nine countries (regions), and thirteen data centers in the world. The growth of KLT cannot be separated from the support of new and old customers. Now KLT is still working tirelessly to provide services for new and old customers.

Time: October 1 to October 30, 2022

1、 New Home Page Enable

In September 2022, the new homepage of KLT official website will be launched, which will make the product logo clearer and the display experience more vivid and smooth.

2、 Resource expansion in Hong Kong and Osaka, Japan

Recently, new resources in Singapore/Hong Kong's Tai Po/Japan's Osaka region will be added, with a 20% discount code: KLT95

3、 Premium for recharging

During the activity, you can get 100 $for recharging 1000 $and 350 $for recharging 3000 $. You can choose one of the two and only participate once.

After recharging, submit a work order to obtain a voucher, which is not limited to consumption category.


Activity Remarks:

1. Recharge gift activity. After recharging, directly submit a work order to claim. We will provide you with a recharge card to recharge your balance within one day. Recharge gift can only be recharged by integer (for example, 1000/3000 for a single time, and multiple recharges are not allowed to accumulate, such as 300 recharges first, 700 recharges to 1000)

2. The amount of recharge gift has no time limit and is the last consumption amount. That is, the actual payment amount will be deducted first from the purchase business. After the actual payment amount is deducted, the gift amount will be deducted. No refunds or withdrawals can be made during the period when the complimentary amount is used.

3. If there is a refund of the actual amount paid, the amount of the gift will be directly recovered. Cash withdrawal is not accepted for the gift amount.

4. Please submit the work order or contact the business representative for further questions.

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